Christian Counseling

By James M. Rochford

When God uses us to help bring transformational change in the lives of one another, this brings a tremendous source of fulfillment into our lives. Biblical counseling is a basic way to bear one another’s burdens through emotional support and instruction.

General Counseling

Shouldn’t We Leave Counseling to the Professionals? A Case for Lay Counseling Our goal is not to promote a low view of professional counselors. These people are not the enemy, but the ally. Instead, our goal is to teach a high view of lay counselors and biblical counselors in the Christian community. We are not going to depreciate clinical counselors, but appreciate everyday counseling in the Christian community.

Integrating Professional and Pastoral Counseling How does professional counseling relate to pastoral counseling? This article offers a synthesis of these differing fields of study.

Change Model of Counseling This model for Christian counseling addresses (1) wrong behaviors, (2) false beliefs, (3) true beliefs, and (4) right actions.

Listening One of the most important aspect of counseling is learning to listen.

Love Therapy Developed by Dr. Ralph Ankenman, “love therapy” focuses our efforts in counseling to “victorious love output.”


Anger Anger devastates relationships and disqualifies Christian leaders in a unique way. While other sin issues slowly erode relationships, anger shatters them quickly. A number of principles can help to us keep our anger under control.

Anxious for Nothing Anxiety cripples many people today. According to the ADAA, 18% of Americans suffer from anxiety, and many of these people are Christians. Those caught in the grip of anxiety often cannot experience the abundant life that God has for them (Jn. 10:10), missing out on the joy of the Lord. This article explains the causes and strategies for battling anxiety from a Christian perspective.

Is Anxiety Biological? Does anxiety have biological, genetic, or physical causes? We believe so. In this article, we explain the influence of exercise, sleep, diet, relaxation, and medication on anxiety, appealing to recently research by psychologists and psychiatrists.

Anxiety and Depression Bibliography This contains a list of other counseling and psychological books that are helpful in working through this subject. Some are broad to the subject of Christian counseling in general. Others are more specific to this individual subject.

Depression Many people suffer from depression. How can we battle depression?

Grief Counseling This article covers some key biblical and counseling insights on grief.


Video Class: Changing Our Minds about Porn Porn use is at an all-time high with no signs of slowing down. Do you want out of this cultural sexual experiment? Are you tired of losing your battle with porn, and wanting to see real victory? This brand-new class is a grace-based approach to break free from unwanted porn use. While individuals can benefit from this online course, it is really designed for small groups or one-on-one discipleship, where men can break free from porn together. In these four 25-minute video sessions, you will learn:

(1) the ethical case against porn

(2) how to crush the false beliefs that fuel porn addiction

(3) ways to strengthen your mind to powerfully battle thoughts and feelings of pornographic compulsion

(4) practical and simple steps to set yourself up for success as you make your decision to quit

This video series comes with a handout that includes discussion questions, homework assignments, and exercises for small groups or one-on-one times of discipleship. The video class can be accessed below via YouTube.

The Bible’s Sexual Position What does God have to say about our sexuality? Is marriage worth the wait? What about cohabitation as an alternative to marriage?

The Rational Case Against Pornography Is pornography an innocuous and harmless activity that happens in the quiet of our own home? This article builds a case for the negative effects of porn use, drawing on secular authorities.

The Cycle of Pornography This article explains the effects of pornography on the mind and the cycle that accompanies habitual porn use.

Battling Pornography This article offers help to those trying to gain victory over pornography.

Biblical Ethics of Masturbation We might not feel the need to develop an ethical stance regarding masturbation. Yet the subject arises among the majority of people in their lifetime, and singles ask questions about the topic frequently. What sort of moral stance should Christian counselors take on this subject?

Healing Sexual Abuse As good counselors, we should prepare ourselves for understanding and helping those with this background. It’s a privilege and honor for God to use us in bringing healing to those suffering from abusive pasts.

False Memory Syndrome FMS occurs when a counselor (accidentally?) implants false memories into the counselee that never occurred. When counseling fellow believers in Christ, we need to be careful never to implant false memories into a counselee’s mind.

Spiritual growth

The Means of Growth The Bible describes five different methods through which we can grow spiritually: (1) Scripture, (2) prayer, (3) fellowship, (4) ministry, and (5) suffering. Each of these articles explain the importance of each means of growth, including Scriptures on each topic. Then each article offers practical suggestions for how to develop this particular spiritual discipline.

Repentance What is biblical repentance? What does it look like to truly repent to God after falling into sin?

The Lost Virtue of Gratitude Developing the spiritual discipline of thanksgiving is at the heart of the Christian life. This article explores the philosophical, scientific, biblical, and practical aspects of developing gratitude.

From Slaves to Sons: The Fatherhood of God and Spiritual Adoption This article surveys the biblical teaching of our adoption in Christ, and it offers devotional reflections on the Fatherhood of God.

Insights on Sanctification This is a collection of verses, quotes, and insights on sanctification. Many of the quotes come from Miles Stanford, Watchman Nee, Ole Hallesby, and Chuck Smith.

Humility What is humility, and how do we develop this in our lives?

Overcoming Persecution What does the Bible teach about persecution? And how can we encourage one another through times of persecution?

Overcoming unhealthy spirituality

Counseling Christians Coming from Unhealthy Churches What approach should Christian leaders take when restoring and counseling those coming from unhealthy churches? Christians recovering from an unhealthy spiritual environment need to regain confidence in their own discernment, values, and ability to interpret Scripture—slowly building (or rebuilding) their own spiritual convictions. One of the keys to counseling believers coming from an unhealthy ethos is this: help the counselee to learn to think for him or herself.

Defining and Defending Against Legalism We do not find the term “legalism” in the Bible. However, this term captures a teaching that the Bible teaches against. Believers in Christ should learn how to define, recognize, and defend against legalism in themselves and in the local church.