Christian Leadership

Here are various papers on Christian leadership that are ordered by category. You might enjoy reading these together with other leaders in order to sharpen your leadership together.


Creative Leadership What is creativity and how does it relate to Christian leadership and ministry? Can it be learned? How can we become more creative as leaders, teachers, and counselors?


Paralysis by Analysis: The Importance of Decision-Making What disrupts good decision-making on a team, and what causes this to break down? We evaluate four killers to effective decision-making, and offer exercises for teams to utilize.


High Dedication Leadership Douglas Hyde was a member of the Communist Party for twenty years. In 1948, he walked away from Communism to join the Catholic Church. While he resolutely rejected the ideology of Communism, he noticed that they had better leadership than most Christian organizations. In his book Dedication and Leadership, Hyde offers many provocative observations on how to instill high dedication into Christian groups.

Leading Change

Leading Change In their book Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard (2010), brothers Chip and Dan Heath outline key ways to lead change in a group. Their main thesis is rather than looking for exotic and complex answers to problems, leaders should begin by looking at what is already working in their group. We often overlook “bright spots” within our own ranks. Leaders need to find areas of success within their group, and then, their job is to clone that success. Ask yourself, “What is working and how can we do more of it?”

Proactive Leadership (versus Reactive Leadership)

Don’t Panic! How to Respond to Worst-Case-Scenarios with Empathy, Affirmation, and Optimism If we have true relational depth with those we lead, we should expect others to share major struggles in their lives. But are we ready to respond with grace and truth?


Teaching Essentials Good Bible teaching plays an integral role in the health of the Body of Christ. Here are eight essentials to effective Bible teaching.

Teaching Structure Once you get the basics of teaching down, you’re ready to structure or organize your teaching into a coherent format. Without a logical organization to your teaching, your content will become confused and incoherent.

Teaching Tune-Ups After you master the basics to teaching, spend some time tuning-up your craft with these helpful insights.