Did Jesus Exist? A Response to Mythicism Jesus of Nazareth has had more of an impact on world history than any other man to have walked the face of the Earth. Yet, many atheistic websites hold to mythicism—the notion that Jesus was merely a myth created by the early church.

Was Christianity Copied from Pagan Myths? Many skeptics today claim that the resurrection of Jesus originated from pagan myths about “dying and rising” gods—commonly called the “copycat theory” of Christianity. Did Christianity copy its core doctrines from Pagan myths? What should we think of this common skeptical claim?

The Incarnation In what sense did God take on the form of humanity in the person of Christ? Isn’t this illogical for God to become human?

The Virgin Birth Was Jesus born of a virgin? Did Isaiah truly predict this in Isaiah 7:14? How important is this doctrine?

Defending the Deity of Christ Some cult groups argue that Jesus never claimed to be God. This article details the overwhelming case for Jesus being God.

The Sinlessness of Jesus Could Jesus have possibly sinned? In what sense was he tempted?

The Crucifixion of Christ But what really happened at the Cross? The NT authors only offer the terse statement: “They crucified him” (Mk. 15:24; c.f. Mt. 27:26; Lk. 23:33; Jn. 19:16). But what did Jesus’ sacrifice truly entail?

Defending Penal Substitutionary Atonement The New Atheists speak of Christ’s atonement with the most derisive of language. Atheist Richard Dawkins describes the atonement as “vicious, sado-masochistic and repellent.” Emergent authors refer to it as “divine child abuse.” How should believing Christians respond to these allegations?

Defending the Resurrection Is there good evidence to believe that Jesus rose from the dead? Or is this just something that Christians take on faith?

The Missing Three Days Where did Jesus go between his death and resurrection?

Lord, Liar, Lunatic, or Legend? During his life, Jesus asked his disciples: “Who do you say that I am?” (Mt. 16:15) Two thousand years later, modern people are still asking the same question. Was Jesus a LiarLunaticLegend, or Lord (LLLL)?