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A Cumulative Case for Christianity Many people choose a religion based on a matter of taste, rather than on a matter of fact. Here is a brief case for why biblical theism has greater evidence than any other worldview.

Science and Scripture

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Design and the God of the Gaps When Christians give evidence for the existence of God from science, atheists often refer to this as a “God of the gaps” type of argument. This article explores this debated topic.

The Origin of Life Where did life come from? How did matter and energy move from inorganic chunks of matter into organic life forms of life? We address this subject in this article.

Evolution and Creation Biologists often refer to neo-Darwinian evolution as an undeniable fact—beyond all feasible doubt. This article surveys the evidence and offers a unique perspective.

Different Views of Genesis 1 and 2 Believers in the inspiration and inerrancy of the Bible have long debated the opening chapters of Genesis. How should we interpret these opening chapters, and how do they reconcile with the findings of modern science?

The Genesis Flood: Global or Local? Should we believe in this event? Was Noah’s flood nothing more than a story generated by the ancient Israelites, or a modern Sunday school myth?

The Shortcomings of Scientism While science surely offers us knowledge, is it the only path to knowledge, or even the most reliable? Are we able to know truths that are non-physical or immaterial in nature? Scientism suffers from several serious flaws as a theory of knowledge (i.e. epistemology).

Predictive Prophecy

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Jesus and Messianic Prophecy The Hebrew Bible makes various predictions about the person of Jesus–thousands of years in advance. This article explores these prophecies.

The Regathering of Israel The Hebrew Bible repeatedly predicts that the modern nation of Israel would be regathered at the end of human history. This article surveys these predictions, and it also responds to various objections regarding this apologetic.

Predictions of Ruined Cities The Bible makes various predictions about modern cities. This essay explains these predictions as well as common objections to this evidence for the supernatural origin of the Bible.

Predictions of the End of Human History Jesus himself taught that no one can know the exact time of his return (Mt. 24:36). However, the Bible does offer a global picture regarding the end of history, giving us a general time for the return of Christ. For years, critics of the Bible scoffed at this picture. However, in recent years, we see that the Bible’s global scenario is quickly coming into focus—just as the Bible predicted millennia ago.


Is it Objectively Wrong to Object to Moral Wrongs? Moral relativism is the popular view that morality is based on a person or culture’s moral norms or tastes.

The Mind and the Brain: Is Freewill an Illusion? Physicalists reduce all of our thoughts to mere brain activity. They claim that the mind is inseparable from the brain. Is this the case? Is freewill an illusion?

The Burden of Proof The subject of the burden of proof is a hotly debated issue in apologetics today. Is atheism the default philosophical position? Or should both believers and non-believers be charged to offer evidence for their view?

Aren’t All Religions Equally Valid? Many in our post-modern society argue that all religious expressions are equally valid, and it is arrogant to hold to exclusive spiritual views. See seven reasons that serve to rebut this perspective.

The Perils of Pragmatism Many people in our culture argue that beliefs should only be held if they “work for us.” This article is the sequel to the earlier article on relativism above, which critiques this slightly different perspective.

Principles of Reasoning In this article, we consider many of the popular informal fallacies and illogical thinking that are popular in our culture today.

The Goodness of God

Is Hell Divine Overkill? The doctrine of eternal separation is one of the most difficult doctrines of Christianity. This article responds to several common objections in this regard.

What about Those Who Have Never Heard? Many sincere Christians wonder what will happen to those who never hear the message of Christ: Are they doomed to go to hell simply for never hearing the message of Christ? See our thorough response here.

The Problem of Evil One of the most prominent objections to Christianity is the presence of evil and suffering. This article responds to many of the common objections in this debate.

What about the “God of the Old Testament?” One of the most powerful punches of the New Atheism is their rhetorical jab at the so-called “God of the Old Testament.” Repeatedly, the New Atheists attack the moral atrocities of the Old Testament, as evidence that God cannot be worthy of directing and leading our lives—let alone our universe. This article responds to this popular objection.

The Bible and Slavery Does the Bible promote slavery or prohibit it? We address this subject in this article.

Women and Christianity Does the Bible have a low view of women? We address this subject here.

Apologetics Resources

Apologetics Resources This article contains a bibliography of various apologetics books, websites, and audio.