Science and Scripture

Design and the God of the Gaps When Christians give evidence for the existence of God from science, atheists often refer to this as a “God of the gaps” type of argument. This article explores this debated topic.

The Origin of Life Where did life come from? How did matter and energy move from inorganic chunks of matter into organic life forms of life? We address this subject in this article.

Evolution and Creation Biologists often refer to neo-Darwinian evolution as an undeniable fact—beyond all feasible doubt. This article surveys the evidence and offers a unique perspective.

Different Views of Genesis 1 and 2 Believers in the inspiration and inerrancy of the Bible have long debated the opening chapters of Genesis. How should we interpret these opening chapters, and how do they reconcile with the findings of modern science?

The Genesis Flood: Global or Local? Should we believe in this event? Was Noah’s flood nothing more than a story generated by the ancient Israelites, or a modern Sunday school myth?

The Shortcomings of Scientism While science surely offers us knowledge, is it the only path to knowledge, or even the most reliable? Are we able to know truths that are non-physical or immaterial in nature? Scientism suffers from several serious flaws as a theory of knowledge (i.e. epistemology).