Predictive Prophecy

Jesus and Messianic Prophecy The Hebrew Bible makes various predictions about the person of Jesus–thousands of years in advance. This article explores these prophecies.

The Regathering of Israel The Hebrew Bible repeatedly predicts that the modern nation of Israel would be regathered at the end of human history. This article surveys these predictions, and it also responds to various objections regarding this apologetic.

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Predictions of Ruined Cities The Bible makes various predictions about modern cities. This essay explains these predictions as well as common objections to this evidence for the supernatural origin of the Bible.

Predictions of the End of Human History Jesus himself taught that no one can know the exact time of his return (Mt. 24:36). However, the Bible does offer a global picture regarding the end of history, giving us a general time for the return of Christ. For years, critics of the Bible scoffed at this picture. However, in recent years, we see that the Bible’s global scenario is quickly coming into focus—just as the Bible predicted millennia ago.