Practical Theology & Ethics


Anthropology This is the study of humans. Our view of humans will have massive effects on our practical theology. The study of what humans are will impact what we believe they will do.

Drug Use

The Ethics of Marijuana Usage Recently, marijuana usage has become legal in several states, and believers often become confused how biblical ethics should integrate in this regard. Should Christians consider smoking a joint in the same category as cracking open a beer or drinking a glass of wine? What about the use of marijuana in medical settings, if not recreational?


Christian Ethics: Any sound ethical system needs three essential and coherent parts: (1) moral values, (2) moral duties, and (3) moral accountability. Without all three, any moral system will surely be inadequate. The Christian worldview grounds all three in the nature and existence of God himself.

Knowing God’s Will

Trusting God with Big Decisions The Bible teaches that God has a plan for humanity, and he also has a plan for each individual believer (Jas. 4:15; Eph. 2:10; Ps. 32:8-9). How can we learn about the will of God? This article offers our view.

Faulty Methods for Learning God’s Will These faulty methods are unreliable at best and unbiblical at worst.


Does Money Make Us Happy? We contend that materialism is the central issue facing believers today. We define “materialism” as the excessive desire to acquire and consume material goods. As we study various different aspects of American culture, this conclusion becomes unavoidable.

The Eternal Perspective This article explains the futility of investing in temporary meaning and values. This material is particularly persuasive for the materialistic mindset.

Why Become a Giver? Financial giving is the best way to battle materialism in the life of the believer. Without learning to become a generous giver to the cause of Christ, we will all be very vulnerable to the effects of materialism. We believe there are several good reasons for joining in this important spiritual work.

The Bible and Materialism This article contains many of the pertinent verses regarding materialism. They are systematically arranged by subject matter.

Jesus and Materialism This article contains all 204 verses that we counted, where Jesus speaks to the subject of materialism.

Further Reading on Materialism This is a list of books and articles that we found helpful in our research on materialism.