What is Truth?


Is it Objectively Wrong to Object to Moral Wrongs? Moral relativism is the popular view that morality is based on a person or culture’s moral norms or tastes.

The Mind and the Brain: Is Freewill an Illusion? Physicalists reduce all of our thoughts to mere brain activity. They claim that the mind is inseparable from the brain. Is this the case? Is freewill an illusion?

The Burden of Proof The subject of the burden of proof is a hotly debated issue in apologetics today. Is atheism the default philosophical position? Or should both believers and non-believers be charged to offer evidence for their view?

Aren’t All Religions Equally Valid? Many in our post-modern society argue that all religious expressions are equally valid, and it is arrogant to hold to exclusive spiritual views. See seven reasons that serve to rebut this perspective.

The Perils of Pragmatism Many people in our culture argue that beliefs should only be held if they “work for us.” This article is the sequel to the earlier article on relativism above, which critiques this slightly different perspective.

Principles of Reasoning In this article, we consider many of the popular informal fallacies and illogical thinking that are popular in our culture today.