The Goodness of God

Is Hell Divine Overkill? The doctrine of eternal separation is one of the most difficult doctrines of Christianity. This article responds to several common objections in this regard.

What about Those Who Have Never Heard? Many sincere Christians wonder what will happen to those who never hear the message of Christ: Are they doomed to go to hell simply for never hearing the message of Christ? See our thorough response here.

The Problem of Evil One of the most prominent objections to Christianity is the presence of evil and suffering. This article responds to many of the common objections in this debate.

What about the “God of the Old Testament?” One of the most powerful punches of the New Atheism is their rhetorical jab at the so-called “God of the Old Testament.” Repeatedly, the New Atheists attack the moral atrocities of the Old Testament, as evidence that God cannot be worthy of directing and leading our lives –let alone our universe. This article responds to this popular objection.

The Bible and Slavery Does the Bible promote slavery or prohibit it? We address this subject in this article.

Women and Christianity Does the Bible have a low view of women? We address this subject here.