Do Good People Go to Heaven? This article argues that we can only come into a relationship with God through grace. This is a good essay for those trying to understand the Bible’s central message.

Calvinism versus Arminianism At the heart of the Calvinist-Arminian debate is the question of how it is that humans come into a relationship with Christ. How is it that we come to faith? Is it through our freewill or God’s selection that we come to Christ?

Eternal Security The debate over eternal security persists in Christian circles: If Christians come to faith in Christ by accepting the free gift of salvation, is it possible to lose this through our free will?

Lordship Theology Do we need to have complete surrender to Christ as Lord in order to have saving faith? Is our decision to be forgiven by Christ different than our decision to follow him? Is it possible to be a carnal Christian?

Is Hell Annihilation? Some evangelicals hold that we are extinguished at death, rather than having eternal, conscious separation from God. This article takes on this nuanced issue.