Introduction to Daniel

Authorship of Daniel

Daniel and the End of Human History (Dan. 2, 7, 8)

(Dan. 2:4-7:28) Why is this section in Aramaic?

(Dan. 3) Where was Daniel during the episode of the fiery furnace?

(Dan. 3:25) Who is the fourth man in the fire? Was it Jesus? Or an angel?

(Dan. 4:33) Is it reasonable to believe that Nebuchadnezzar went mentally insane like an animal?

(Dan. 5:1) Did Daniel err in making Belshazzar the king at the fall of Babylon?

(Dan. 5:31) Who is Darius the Mede?

(Dan. 7) Who is the “Little Horn”?

(Dan. 8) The Little Horn and the Small Horn


Introduction to Hosea

(Hos. 3:4-5) Does this passage predict the modern regathering of Israel?

(Hos. 6:6) Were Temple sacrifices replaced by good deeds?

(Hos. 11:1) Did Matthew improperly quote this (Mt. 2:14-15)?


Introduction to Joel

(Joel 2:28-3:2) Does Peter misuse this passage in Joel? (Acts 2:16-21).

(Joel 3:6) How could Joel mention the Greeks in the 8th century BC?


Introduction to Amos

(Amos 3:6) Does God create evil?

(Amos 5:21-22) Do good works replace the Temple sacrifices?

(Amos 7:2-3) Did God change his mind? Isn’t God immutable?

(Amos 9:11) Did James misquote this passage? Why did he quote it?