By James Rochford

Personal discipleship is one of the keys to a thriving and energized church. While we are all disciples of Jesus, the Bible also teaches that we should look to spiritually mentor younger Christians, and equip them to do important spiritual work.

Articles on Discipleship

The Case for Discipleship: Why should we practice discipleship? Our case is both biblical and strategic.

The Basic Components of Discipleship: What does a typical time of discipleship look like? What is the difference between discipleship and pseudo-discipleship?

False Beliefs about Discipleship: What personal false beliefs do we encounter when investing in people?

Common Hurdles in Disciples: What are typical problems that we encounter when working with people? What are some practical suggestions in how to help people through them?

Discernment: How can we learn to believe in people without being naïve or cynical? When someone falls into a serious sin, how long should we wait before trusting them with serious ministry? What are signs that someone might be in secret sin? What are signs that we can trust up-and-coming workers?

Discipleship Goals and Reading: What are some goals that we should shoot for in discipleship? What are some recommended books on these topics?

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