Christian Doctrine

Do Good People Go to Heaven? This article argues that we can only come into a relationship with God through grace. This is a good essay for those trying to understand the Bible’s central message.

Defending the Deity of Christ Some cult groups argue that Jesus never claimed to be God. This article details the overwhelming case for Jesus being God.

Defending the Trinity How can God be both three and one at the same time? Critics and cultists argue that the doctrine of the Trinity is illogical. This article makes a thorough defense of the Trinity.

The Inerrancy of Scripture Is the Bible truthful in all of its affirmations–even in areas of science, geography, and archaeology? Or is it simply truthful in categories of faith and morals? This is the subject of inerrancy which is disputed among Bible believers today. This article explains defends the doctrine of inerrancy and responds to common objections to this important doctrine as well.

Is Hell Annihilation? Some evangelicals hold that we are extinguished at death, rather than having eternal, conscious separation from God. This article takes on this nuanced issue.