(Song 4:9) Does this passage support incest? (cf. 4:10, 5:1)

CLAIM: Solomon writes, “You have made my heart beat faster, my sister, my bride” (Song 4:10). Did Solomon have a romance with his sister?

RESPONSE: In the ancient Near East, it was common to refer to a person as your brother or sister. Kinlaw writes, “This is not uncommon in ancient Near Eastern love poetry as a love epithet.”[1] Murphy writes that “sister” was “a term frequently used of the beloved in Egyptian love poetry.”[2] For instance, in a Ugaritic poem, Anat seduces Aqhat. She says, “Hear, O hero Aqhat, you are my brother and I your sister” (Aqhat 18 1:24). Moreover, in the Apocryphal books, a wife was often referred to as the husband’s “sister” (Esth. 15:9; Tob. 5:20; 7:16).


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