Introduction to Joshua

(Josh. 2:4-14) Is it morally right to lie?

(Josh. 3:15) Is this a folktale?

(Josh. 3:17) Did they cross the Jordan or not?

(Josh. 4:24) Are we supposed to “fear” God?

(Josh. 5:13-15) Who is the captain of the Lord’s host?

(Josh. 6:1-27) Doesn’t modern archaeology disagree with this?

(Josh. 6:21) Is this a case of religious genocide?

(Josh. 7:24-26) Was the stoning of Achan’s family a case of divine overkill?

(Josh. 8:30) Doesn’t the Bible condemn building altars like this?

(Josh. 9:1-27) Why would Israel keep their oath with the Gibeonites?

(Josh. 10:13) Why don’t we have this book?

(Josh. 10:13) How could the sun stand still without destroying life as we know it?

(Josh. 15:16-17) Why does Caleb give his daughter to marry his brother?

(Josh. 18:6) Was it wrong for these men to gamble for the land?


Introduction to Judges

(Judg. 1:6) Isn’t this cruel and unusual?

(Judg. 1:12-13) Why does Caleb give his daughter to marry his brother?

(Judg. 1:20) Were the sons of Anak killed or driven out?

(Judg. 1:28) Were the Canaanites utterly destroyed or not?

(Judg. 2:1) Who is the angel of the Lord (cf. Josh. 5:13-15)?

(Judg. 3:20-26) Was this knife to the stomach really a message from God (c.f. Judge 4:21)?

(Judg. 4:11) Who was Moses’ father in law?

(Judg. 4:21) Does the Bible approve of Jael’s murder of Sisera or not?

(Judg. 4:21) Was Sisera lying down or sitting up, when he was killed?

(Judg. 6:36-40) Should we offer “fleeces” to God?

(Judg. 11:26) Did Israel occupy the land for 300 years or 410 years?

(Judg. 11:29ff) Does the Bible condone human sacrifice?

(Judg. 13:5) What is the Nazarite vow?

(Judg. 14:4) Did God honor Samson’s marriage to this Philistine girl?

(Judg. 16:26-30) Is suicide right or wrong?


Introduction to Ruth

(Ruth 2:20) In what way was Boaz a “redeemer” of Ruth?

(Ruth 3:3-4) Is this good dating advice?

(Ruth 3:6-12) Did Ruth have sex with Boaz?