(Jer. 29:10) Was this literally fulfilled?

CLAIM: Jeremiah predicted a 70 year exile for the Jewish people. Was this literally fulfilled?

RESPONSE: Yes, it was. Jerusalem was exiled finally in 586 BC, and they were exiled until 516 BC. According to Zechariah 1:12, the Exile was not completed by the year 519 BC. Archer writes, “Since this utterance must have been given in 519 b.c., we can only conclude that, from the standpoint of the angel at least, the seventy years were not yet up; and that the gracious promise in Jer. 29:10 was not to be fulfilled until the Temple itself was restored.”[1]


[1] Archer, Gleason. A survey of Old Testament introduction (3rd. ed.). Chicago: Moody Press. 1994. 403.