(Gen. 1:9) Did water cover the early Earth?

CLAIM: Moses wrote in a pre-scientific milieu, and he claimed that the early Earth was covered in water. Does modern science confirm this?

RESPONSE: In fact, it does! Moses was absolutely right, regarding this prediction. Ross writes,

Land masses, or islands and continents, arise gradually as a result of volcanism (volcanic activity) and plate tectonics (movement of large crustal sections relative to one another)… Research has confirmed both theoretically and observationally (via studies of Earth’s oldest rocks) that indeed water initially covered all of Earth’s crust.[1]

In addition, Moses wrote that the water was “gathered into one place.” This is further supported by other passages in the Bible (Ps. 33:7; 104:6-9). It is interesting to see that these men mention that the waters were “gathered into one place,” rather than many places (i.e. separated by many continents). Of course, our early Earth originally only had one continent –commonly called Pangaea in most textbooks. This is quite a lucky guess for a man writing 3,000 years before the advent of modern science.

[1] Ross, Hugh. The Genesis Question: Scientific Advances and the Accuracy of Genesis. Colorado Springs, CO: NavPress, 1998. 27.