(Gen. 1:21) Why doesn’t the Bible mention dinosaurs?

CLAIM: Natural history obviously describes that dinosaurs roamed the Earth for millions of years, and yet, Genesis neglects mentioning these species. Why?

RESPONSE: While Genesis is a true account of creation, it isn’t an exhaustive account. If Genesis 1 was an exhaustive account, it would be longer than the Bible itself! This would distract from God’s overall purposes in writing the Bible. Many people assume that God should mention dinosaurs, because they are so big and domineering. However, size does not compare to value. For instance, humans are not the largest species on the planet, but they are the most valuable to God. Nobody wonders why Genesis fails to mention beetles, bees, or other insects. However, these species could be just as important (or unimportant) to God as the dinosaurs. Moreover, most cultures and people throughout history have never known of dinosaurs. While modern people have discovered this, most people haven’t, and God didn’t feel that it was necessary to include. In fact, the mention of gigantic predatory creatures would probably be more distracting to most readers throughout human history, than it would be helpful.