(Gen. 1:12) Does Genesis record the existence of life out of order?

CLAIM: Genesis places the existence of seed bearing plants on Day 3 of creation, and land animals on Day 6. However, modern science tells us that seed bearing plants didn’t come into existence until 370 million years ago—long after land animals (380 mya). In fact, plants cannot exist without these other animals, which pollinate them and help them survive.

RESPONSE: Day-age advocates usually retort in one of two ways:

OPTION #1: The language in Genesis 1 has been misunderstood. In reality, these seed-bearing plants are actually non-seed bearing (perhaps even the very first single-celled organisms). This reinterpretation of the original Hebrew would place them in their proper order. Remember, the Hebrew language was only 3,000 words, and it lacks technical rigor. Therefore, these Hebrew words have a very wide semantic range.

OPTION #2: The order of the creation “days” might overlap. Day-age theorists claim that these chronological events aren’t meant to be seen as separate, but blended. For instance, Genesis 1:27 states that God created man and woman, and from this verse, we might believe that this occurred at the same moment. However, Genesis 2:7, 21-22 shows that there is a gap of time in between these two events.