General Chronology of the Kings




General Chronology of the 42 Kings after Solomon[1]

Kings of Israel (NORTH)

Kings of Judah (SOUTH)

Jeroboam (931-910)

Rehoboam (931-913)
Nadab (910-909)

Abijah (913-911)

Baasha (909-886)

Asa (911-870)
Elah (886-885)

Jehoshaphat (872-848)

Zimri (885)

Jehoram (853-841)
Omri (885-874)

Ahaziah (841)

Ahab (874-853)

Athaliah (841-835)
Ahaziah (853-852)

Joash—Jehoash (835-796)

Jehoram (Joram) 852-841

Amaziah 796-767)
Jehu (841-814)

Azariah—Uzziah (792-740)

Jehoahaz (814-798)

Jotham (750-732)
Jehoash (Joash) (798-782)

Ahaz (735-716)

Jeroboam II (793-753)

Hezekiah (716-687)
Zechariah (753-752)

Manasseh (697-643)

Shallum (752)

Amon (643-641)
Menahem (752-742)

Josiah (641-609)

Pekahiah (742-740)

Jehoahaz (609)
Pekah (752-732)

Jehoiakim (609-598)

Hoshea (732-722)

Jehoiachin (598-597)

Zedekiah (597-586)


Kings of Judah

By Ross Meeker

King Passage Good/Bad Important Info








40 years




















1 Kings 1-11


1 Chronicle 28 –

2 Chronicles 9










Good and Bad

Son of David


-Adonijah tried to be King over Solomon when David was dying; Joab and Abithar helped, but Solomon punished all of them (1 Kings 1-2)


-Built First Temple


-Solomon has 700 wives and 300 concubines and starts worshipping other Gods


-God separated Israel because of Solomon and left him with only the tribe of Judah and Benjamin


-Started Ashtoreth and Molech worship


-Built a high place for Chemosh


-Led into idolatry by his wives


-Hadad of Edom and Rezon of Aram were raised up as Solomon’s adversaries











17 years






























1 Kings 11-14


2 Chronicles 10-12












Son of Solomon


-Prophet Ahijah tells him that the kingdom will be taken from him and given to Jeroboam


-Israel asked him to lighten his father’s yoke and didn’t listen to the elders’ advice to do it.


-He was chased out of Israel because the Israelites tried to stone him; they chose Jeroboam over him


-Tried to get Judah to attack Israel to regain the land but the Lord told them not to


-He set up high places, sacred stones, Asherah poles, and male shrine prostitutes


-Shishak of Egypt attacked Jerusalem and stole temple treasure


-Rehoboam was in frequent warfare with Jeroboam




3 years





1 Kings 14-15


2 Chronicles 13-14





Son of Rehoboam


-Followed the sins of his father


-Warred with Jeroboam


-Prophesied that his son was going to be a lamp for Jerusalem and make it strong













41 years



















1 Kings 15


2 Chronicles 14-16














Son of Abijah


-Compared with David


-Expelled the male shrine prostitutes


-got rid of all the idols of his ancestors


-Deposed his grandmother Maakah because she had made a repulsive image for the worship of Asherah; Cut down and burned that image


-Did not remove the high places


-Heart was fully committed to the Lord all his life


-Brought silver and gold into the temple


-War between Asa and Baasha King of Israel throughout their reigns


-Asa took all the temple silver and gold to sway King Ben-Hadad of Aram to break treaty with Baasha of Israel and he agreed. Then Aram went up against Israel instead


-Built cities from the stones and timber Baasha was using in Ramah; known for the cities he made


-Died in old age when his feet became diseased










25 years













1 Kings 22


2 Chronicles 17-21










Son of Asa


-Ahab asked him for help against Aram he told him to seek counsel from God first


-Went to war against Aram alongside King Ahab


-Followed the ways of Asa


-Didn’t remove the high places


-At peace with Israel


-Rid the land of the remaining male shrine prostitutes


-Built a fleet of trading ships but they were destroyed before they were used


-King Ahaziah of Israel wanted to sail with Judah but Jehosaphat refused




8 years




2 Kings 8


2 Chronicles 21




Son of Jehoshaphat


-Married daughter of Ahab


-God wasn’t going to let the line of David be destroyed because of the intermarriage of Israel and Judah


-King Joram of Israel was his brother-in-law






1 year








2 Kings 8-9


2 Chronicles 22







Son of Jehoram


-Related to the house of Ahab, mother was Athaliah daughter of Ahab and granddaughter

of Omri


-Joram of Israel was his uncle


-They went to battle with Hazael of Aram together


-Joram was wounded in battle and He went to go see him when he was recovering


-Jehu wounded him trying to chase after him (after killing Joram) and he later died of his wounds


Queen Athaliah

6 years




2 Kings 11


2 Chronicles 22-23




Wife of Jehoram; killed entire royal family to gain power


-Mother of Ahaziah


-Put to death by Jehoiada, the high priest, right after anointing Joash as King




40 years





2 Kings 11-12


2 Chronicles 22-24




Son of Ahaziah; Anointed as king by the priest Jehoiada at age 7


-Jehosheba, sister of Ahaziah, took Joash and hid him with his nurse for 6 years


-Repaired God’s temple


-Assassinated by Jozabad and Jehozabad





29 years







2 Kings 14

2 Chronicles 25





Son of Joash


-Executed those who killed his father


-Defeated 10,000 Edomites


-Challenged Jehoash to war and lost and was captured


-Jerusalem conspired against him and killed him just like his father Joash


Azariah or Uzziah

52 years





2 Kings 14-15

2 Chronicles 26




Son of Amaziah


-God afflicted him with leprosy until he died


-Mother was from Jerusalem


-High places not removed


16 years



2 Kings 15

2 Chronicles 27



Son of Uzziah


Rebuilt the Upper Gate of the Temple of the Lord


-Rezin King of Aram went against Judah







16 years











2 Kings 16

2 Chronicles 28








Son of Jotham


-First King of Judah to be Bad in 137 years


-Sacrificed his son; followed the sins of Israel


-Attacked by Aram and Pekah King of Israel but couldn’t overpower him


-Gave the silver and gold to Assyria to help with Israel and Aram


-Had a new alter built by Uriah the priest


-Went to Assyria for help instead of God like his fathers


-Borrowed the idea for the altar from Assyria














29 years





















2 Kings 18-20

2 Chronicles 33














Son of Ahaz


One of the most faithful kings; trusted God


-Reigned 23 years after Israel was captured


-Removed the high places, smashed the sacred stones, cut down Asherah poles, and broke Moses’ bronze snake because it was being worshipped


-Rebelled against Assyria and defeated the Philistines


-King Sennacherib attacked the fortified cities of Judah; Hezekiah took all the temple money to get him to stop but he didn’t; he then threatened Hezekiah and Judah and tried to get the people to turn from Hezekiah


-Hezekiah prayed for deliverance from Assyria and God answered; Isaiah prophesied that Assyria wouldn’t even attack the city and answer Hezekiah’s prayer; the angel of the Lord killed 185,000 men in the army


-Sennacherib was later killed by his sons


-Became ill and prayed for healing and lived 15 more years


-Showed Babylon the temple and their money; Babylon eventually took over later on




55 years






2 Kings 21

2 Chronicles 33





Son of Hezekiah


-Worshiped Baal and raised alters


-Practiced divination and sacrificed his son


-Prophecy that God will wipe out Jerusalem because of his sins


2 years



2 Kings 21

2 Chronicles 33



Son of Manasseh


-Assassinated by officials





31 years







2 Kings 21-23

2 Chronicles 34-35





Son of Amon


-8 years old when he reigned


-Repaired the temple


-Found the Book of the Law and believed it


-Removed all of the false worship in the land


-Killed in battle by Pharaoh Necho king of Egypt



3 months





2 Kings 23

2 Chronicles 36




Son of Josiah


-Anointed after Josiah’s death


-Captured by Necho and deported him to Egypt where he died



11 years





2 Kings 23-24

2 Chronicles 36




Son of Josiah; Necho appointed him King after he took Jehoahaz


-Necho changed his name from Eliakim


-Land invaded by Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon and would destroy Judah



3 months





2 Kings 24

2 Chronicles 36




Son of Jehoiakim


-Nebuchadnezzar took him captive after he surrendered


-Imprisoned in Babylon and released after 37 years


-Got a seat of honor in Babylon




11 years







2 Kings 24

2 Chronicles 36





Son of Josiah; Uncle of Jehoiachin; Nebuchadnezzar made him king


-Nebuchadnezzar changed his name from Mattaniah


-Rebelled against Nebuchadnezzar


-Sons and wife killed before his eyes in Babylon; cut his eyes out; Nebuchadnezzar burned the temple


Kings of Israel

By Ross Meeker

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Jeroboam I

22 years
















1 Kings 11-14

2 Chronicles 10-13











One of Solomon’s officials; rebelled against Solomon


-Solomon put him in charge of the labor force of the tribe of Joseph


-Ahijah the prophet told him that he will rule over Israel and make his dynasty strong if he followed God


-Solomon tried to kill him but he fled until Solomon died


-Got afraid of Rehoboam taking back Israel so he built altars to worship Egyptian gods


-Man of God prophesies to Jeroboam about Josiah who was the last good king


-Worship at the high places


-Ahijah predicts that Jeroboam’s household will be cut off and destroyed because of Jeroboam’s false idols


-God let his son die because of his sins





2 years








1 Kings 15






Son of Jeroboam I


-Followed the sins of his father


-Baasha plotted against him and killed him while Nadab and all of Israel were besieging a Philistine town


-Baasha succeeded him as King


-All of his family was killed off by Baasha, fulfilling Ahijah’s prophecy






24 years










1 Kings 15-16







Killed Nadab


-Killed the line of Jeroboam


-War between him and Asa throughout their reigns


-Followed the ways of Jeroboam, same sins


-Because he did the same as Jeroboam after being raised up as King, God speaks through the prophet Jehu that what happened to Jeroboam’s family will happen to Baasha’s and they will be destroyed





2 years







1 Kings 16





Son of Baasha


-Killed by one of his officials who was in charge of half the chariots, Zimri, while he was drunk. Family completely wiped out


-Aroused God’ anger because of the worthless idols worshipped during his reign







7 days











1 Kings 16








Killed Elah


-The Israelites heard about his plot against Elah and didn’t want him as King


-They made Omri, who was the army’s commander, King over Zimri


-Zimri set fire to the citadel of the royal palace and he died there, killing himself because Omri took over the city and the crown


-Ruled 7 days but still credit as evil for following Jeroboam’s sins







12 years










1 Kings 16







Killed Zimri; Israelites wanted him as king


-Israel was split into 2 factions: half supported Tibni for King and the other half supported Omri. The followers of Omri were stronger and Tibni died somehow because of this.


-Bought land from Shemer and built the city of Samaria on the hill, which became the capital of Israel


-Omri did more evil than all those before him; same sins of Jeroboam


-Buried in Samaria

















22 years

























1 Kings 16-22

2 Chronicle 18


















Son of Omri


-Served Baal


-Did more evil than any before him; found the sins of Jeroboam only trivial.


-Married Jezebel, daughter of Ethbaal king of the Sidonians


-Jezebel lead in the serving and worshipping of Baal; influenced by Ethbaal and Sidon’s worshipping


-Elijah predicted a drought in Ahab’s time


-Elijah stood up to Ahab and all of Israel to show that God was the true god over Baal


-Went to war with Ben-Hadad II of Aram, who took over Samaria and the Lord provided victory but Ahab didn’t kill Ben-Hadad II.


-Built an altar for Baal; built a Temple for Baal in Samaria


-Made an Asherah pole


-Aroused God’s anger


-During this time Hiel of Bethel rebuilt Jericho; fulfilled Joshua’s prophecy that he would lose his firstborn and youngest for doing this


-Jezebel had Naboth killed, who was obedient to God, to take his vineyard


-Asked Jehoshaphat for help with taking Ramoth-Gilead from Aram


-Ahab’s prophets had deceiving spirits from God


-Went to battle against Aram with Jehosaphat


-An archer “randomly” hit Ahab with an arrow; he died from the wound









2 years












1 Kings 22 –

2 Kings 1









Son of Ahab


-Worshiped Baal


-Lord judged him through Elijah


-Had no son


-Fell through the floor and hurt himself; asked messengers to seek help from Baal-Zebub, god of Ekron


-Elijah stopped these messengers and told them that Ahaziah would die from his wounds because of his unfaithfulness


-Ahaziah was angry so he sent waves of men to capture him but God killed each wave


-He died in bed from his wounds as predicted



12 years


2 Kings 3 Bad Son of Ahab; Brother of Ahaziah of Israel; Uncle of Ahaziah of Judah


-Still followed Jeroboam’s sins but got rid of Baal


-Joram, Jehosaphat of Judah, and King of Edom fought against the Moabites and won. Elisha said that there will be victory


-Naaman comes to him to be healed of his leprosy








28 years












2 Kings 9-10

2 Chronicles 22









Anointed King of Israel by Elisha


-Killed King Joram of Israel with a bow


-Killed Ahaziah by wounding him and he died later


-Killed Jezebel, had her eunuchs throw her out of her window


-Killed the remaining house of Ahab


-Tricked the servants and priests of Baal and killed them too


-Cut off Israel and Judah from intermarrying and from Judah being further influenced by Israel’s sin


-After all this he still followed the sins of Jeroboam and kept the Golden Calf worship


-Hazael King of Aram started taking Israel territory and overpowering them


-His line would last 4 generations because of what he did, longest line of Kings came from Jehu




17 years







2 Kings 13





Son of Jehu


-Lord provided against Aram and King Ben-Hadad III’s (Hazael’s son) oppression even though he was a bad King


-Made an Asherah Pole


-Army went down to 10,060 men after war with Aram





16 years







2 Kings 13-14





Son of Jehoahaz


-Defeated Amaziah of Judah in war


-Wept over Elisha’s death


-Struck the ground with an arrow 3 times and would defeat Aram 3 times cause of it. If he did 5-6 times, he could of completely destroyed Aram


-Broke down Jerusalem’s wall and took all the gold and silver in the temple and hostages

Jeroboam II

41 years




2 Kings 14



Son of Jehoash


-Israel suffered greatly during his reign so the Lord saved the Israelites because of his promise to Israel



6 months





2 Kings 15




Son of Jeroboam II


-Assassinated by Shallum in front of his people


-Lord’s prophecy fulfilled that Jehu’s descendant would only rule for 4 generations; 2 Kings 10:30


1 month




2 Kings 15


(Doesn’t say, but it’s safe to assume)

Killed Zechariah in front of the people of Israel


-Killed by Menahem



10 years





2 Kings 15




Killed Shallum


“Ripped open all the pregnant women” at Tiphsah


-Gave Pul King of Assyria a thousand talents of silver to gain support, he got this money from the people of Israel


2 years




2 Kings 15



Son of Menahem


-Was killed by Pekah and 50 other men of Gilead



20 years




2 Kings 15

2 Chronicles 28




Killed Pekahiah


-Tiglath-Pileser King of Assyria deported some of the Israelites he captured to Assyria


-Hoshea killed him


9 years


2 Kings 17 Bad Killed Pekah


-The last King of Israel


-Shalmaneser king of Assyria captured Samaria and deported the Israelites to Assyria


[1] This chart is adapted from Thiele’s reckoning of these dates. See Hill, Andrew, & Walton, John. A Survey of Old Testament Introduction (2nd Ed.). Grand Rapids, MI. Zondervan. 2000. 232-233.