(1 Kings 4:26) How many stalls did Solomon have?

CLAIM: 1 Kings 4:26 states that Solomon had 40,000 stalls. However, 2 Chronicles 9:25 states that he had 4,000. Which is true?

RESPONSE: The Masoretic Text (MT) says that Solomon had 40,000 stalls. However, this is most likely a copyist error. The 2 Chronicles passage is far more likely, because of the fact that there were only 12,000 horsemen. If 40,000 was the true number, then horses would outnumber men over 3 to 1. Since Hebrew numbers were so easy to miscopy, there is good reason to believe that one of these numbers was miscopied by a scribe. For more on this subject, see comments on Exodus 12:37.