(1 Cor. 10:7) Why does Paul cite Exodus 32:6?

CLAIM: Paul cites Exodus 32:6 in this passage to the Corinthians. Why does he quote this passage?

RESPONSE: The context for the Corinthian church was a brand new group of believers who had just recently met Christ. Almost immediately after meeting Christ, they were falling into idolatry and Paganism (v.14). Later, Paul mentions that God is physically disciplining Christian believers, because of this idolatry (1 Cor. 11:27). In the same way, in Exodus 32, the Jews had just recently met God. Immediately after meeting God in a personal relationship, they fell into idolatry, worshipping a Golden Calf. As a result, God struck down several thousand believers (v.8). Paul is noting the current Corinthian context, and he was drawing a very similar biblical parallel.