(Col. 1:23) Did Paul really believe that the entire world had heard the gospel at this point?

CLAIM: Paul writes, “[The gospel] was proclaimed in all creation under heaven” (v.23). Preterists use this verse to support the belief that the gospel had reached the entire world at this time (Mt. 24:14).

RESPONSE: Earlier in his letter, Paul writes that the message of the gospel was “constantly bearing fruit and increasing.” If the gospel was increasing, then Paul must have known that the gospel message was still spreading across the world. In other words, he knew that it wasn’t already universally spread. When Paul writes that the gospel was “proclaimed in all creation under heaven,” he must be referring to Christ’s death being a “public display” before demonic powers –not all human beings (Col. 1:16; 2:15). For more, see comments on Romans 1:8.