6. Relativism Trivializes Religion

For centuries, many people have considered the question of God to be inconceivably important. And yet, relativism trivializes this subject. Relativism has substituted this ultimate being with any being. If all religions are equally valid, then anybody’s view –no matter how bizarre –should be considered true. While one person might worship a transcendent Creator, who governs over human history, another person might worship an imaginary friend in the sky or an ancient race of extraterrestrials. Where would it stop?

What if someone claimed to worship a toilet bowl, as the throne and habitat of their god? Would this view be considered equally true?

If the relativist does not believe that this is equally valid, then they are contradicting themselves.

However, if they do believe that this is an equally valid spiritual belief, then they are devaluing spiritual beliefs to the level of human feces!

I hope that doesn’t sound harsh, but it demonstrates how relativism does not raise spirituality; it lowers it. If all paths are valid, then we are really claiming that this subject isn’t really that important after all.

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