4. Relativism is Illogical

The Law of Non-contradiction is a logical law that states this: two contradictory truths cannot be true at the same time. To illustrate this law, consider if you were walking down the street, and you greet a pregnant woman and her husband.

You ask, “Are you pregnant?”

The woman says, “Yes,” and the husband says, “No,” at the same time.

What would you assume? You would either assume that she was pregnant, but she hadn’t told her husband. Or, you would assume that she was lying, and her husband was telling the truth. But, of course, you would never assume that she was both pregnant and not pregnant at the same time, would you?

We use this logical law in every other area of life. In fact, you use it without even noticing it. Every time you leave a room by walking through the doorway, rather than into a wall, you are affirming the law of non-contradiction. But, if this law of logic applies in every other intellectual area of life, then why wouldn’t we apply it to God, as well?

Some religions deny that God even exists, while others believe that he necessarily exists. Some religions deny that God could or would intervene into human affairs, while others believe that he entered into space-time history as the basis of their beliefs. Some religions deny that God is moral, while others believe that he is the sum of all moral value. No matter how one looks at it, these assorted views cannot all be true, because they fundamentally contradict one another.

Just because the various religions use the same word for God, this does not mean they are all describing the same being. For example, we might say that Adolf Hitler and Mother Theresa both believed in progress; however, they believed in fundamentally different forms of progress. Just because they both used the same word, this does not mean that they were describing the same thing.

Finally, imagine for a moment if God really had revealed himself in all 5,000 different religions on Earth with all of their separate contradictions. If this is really true, then we would have greater problems on our hands, because God would have a multiple personality disorder! –being mentally unstable. Is a god like this really trustworthy? Such a mixed up god wouldn’t be capable of governing over our lives –let alone our universe.

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