2. Relativism is Contrary to Other Realities

One way to test relativism is to apply it to other areas of life. Let’s consider what would occur, if we used a relativistic worldview in other areas of reality:

1. Medical World

Imagine if a relativist doctor told his patient, “Oh, whatever you think, Ralph. I’m sure whatever prescription you pick will work just fine for your advanced melanoma.” Does relativism work for patients, when they try to pick prescriptions at a pharmacy?

2. Academic World

Consider if a relativist student complained, “Dad, I feel like Columbus landed in 1992, rather than 1492, but can you believe that my professor had the audacity to tell me that I was wrong!” Does relativism work for students, when they sit down to take a test or when they apply for college scholarships?

3. Scientific World

Imagine if a relativist scientist stated, “Some people believe that the world is flat, while others believe that it’s round… What do I believe? Oh, I’m convinced that they’re both probably right. Who am I to say that one is right and the other is wrong?” How long could this scientist hold these views before losing tenure at his university?

4. Legal World

Picture a relativist defendant telling a judge, “Yes, your honor, but in my view, child molestation is a beautiful expression of love. I don’t feel like anything is wrong with it. The legal view of the court is just your opinion –not mine.” Do you think the judge would accept his view as equally valid with that of the court? I hope not –especially if someone’s child had been affected by the man’s “beautiful expression of love.”

Now let’s ask a very important question: If relativism doesn’t work in any of these parts of the world, then why would we ever expect it to work in the Spiritual World? It is horrible to consider that millions of people are using a belief system for God that they wouldn’t use in any other area of life. Most importantly, relativism cannot offer one shred of evidence that God is relative. This is blind faith at its worst.

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