Without a doubt, design surrounds us. Skeptic Michael Shermer openly admits:

The design inference comes naturally. The reason people think that a Designer created the world is because it looks designed. I think we should quit tiptoeing around this inference and admit that life looks designed because it was: from the bottom up, by evolution.[1]

What is the best explanation for the design (or apparent design) in our world? While naturalists believe in the uniformity of cause and effect in a closed system, theists believe in the uniformity of cause and effect in an opensystem. While naturalism eliminates supernatural causes by definition, the theist is open to where the evidence leads –whether natural or supernatural. There is nothing anti-scientific or unreasonable about this approach to science. Instead, this was framework out of which modern science was originally birthed.

[1] Shermer, Michael. Why Darwin Matters: The Case against Intelligent Design. New York: Times, 2006. 65.