ARGUMENT #1: The claims of the Bible repeatedly clash with modern science.

RESPONSE: Actually, modern science has confirmed a number of the predictions of the Christian worldview. For thousands of years, Christians believed that the universe had a beginning (Gen. 1:1) –even though naturalism claimed that the universe was eternal. In this case, the Christian worldview was confirmed, and the naturalistic worldview was falsified.

The Big Bang theory is not “creation science.” It was discovered and confirmed by naturalistic scientists, and the consensus of modern cosmology believes in this theory today. Students can find this theory in any high school text book. Therefore, in this case, naturalistic science confirmed what the writers of Scripture were saying for centuries: the universe had a beginning.

Of course, the same cannot be said for other world religions. For instance, there is a reason that no one believes in Zeus anymore. This is because we are able to disprove his involvement in creating lightning. Likewise, no one believes that Atlas is carrying the world on his shoulders, because of satellite technology. In addition, Taoism and Hinduism both state that the universe is eternal, which is demonstrably false. Therefore, in these cases, Christianity has been verified, while these other faiths have been falsified. Since the Bible interacts with space-time history, its claims can be verified in this way.[1]

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[1] Some skeptics would claim that Darwin’s theory of evolution would be an example of a potential defeater. However, some theists find this to be perfectly harmonious with the Genesis account. See Collins, Francis S. The Language of God: a Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief. New York: Free, 2006 and Miller, Kenneth R. Finding Darwin’s God: a Scientist’s Search for Common Ground between God and Evolution. New York: Cliff Street, 1999.